Jacqueline Ultimatum: Patrick Aubert / Canada - Best Comedy
Voice Over: Martin Rosete / Spain
Mi Ojo Derecho (The Apple of My Eye): Josecho de Linares / Spain
I'll Be Waiting Outside: Fanny Pascual / Canada - Best Direction
Vicky & Sam: Nuno Rocha / USA-Portugal
Tengri: Alisi Telengut / Canada
Slow Win: William Allinson / Canada
Long Branch: Dane Clark, Linsey Stewart / Canada - Best Screenplay
Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution: Matthew Van Dyke / USA-Syria - Best Documentary
Teamwork: Tor Aunet / Canada
Life Doesn't Frighten Me: Stephen Dunn / Canada - Best Performance ( Gordon Pinsent )
A Thought For Robert: Kevin Landry / Canada