Anything Can Happen : Jamie Way / Canada
Birds Eye View: Steven Twigg / Canada
Counsellor: Venetia Taylor/ Australia
Food For Thought:Green & Gold Community Garden: Joanne Levenick / Canada
Coffee To Go: Patricia Font / Spain- Best Performance
Silence: Mehrdad Hassani / Iran - Grand Prize
An Afternoon With Paolo: Anabelle Lavoie / Canada
Fading Fire: Tanya Hoshi / Canada
The Poet Mustafa: Vikram Dasgupta / Canada
Beach Flags: Sarah Saidon / France
No One Will Be Any The Wiser: Lyes Salem / France - Best Screenplay
Off The Grid: Meghna Gupta / UK-Bangladesh - Best Documentary
In The Weeds: Joy Webster/ Canada - Best Student Film
Jack Nicols Mystery & Light: Gina Dineen/ Canada