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Little Thing - (Israel) Directed by Or Kan tor - Best Animation

Babe, I Hate to Go - (Canada) Directed by Andrew Moir - Best Documentary

Emerge ( France ) Directed by Lucil Lepeuple,Margot Cardinael, Zoe Caudron, Benjamin Bouchard, Camille Gras Marine Boudry

Pink Cuts Pink-(Germany) Directed by Alma W. Bar

Privilage (Canada) Directed by Mike Fly

One Afternoon (Canada) Directed by Mike Fly

M.A.M.O.N MONITOR AGAINST MEXICANS OVER WORLDWIDE- (Mexico) Directed by Alejandro Damiami

MILK-(Canada) Directed by Winnifried Jong

5 Films About Technology- (Canada) Directed by Peter Huang - Best Comedy & People's Choice

IF The Poet-(Canada)Directed by Kim Saltarski

Clean Hands-(USA) Directed by Lauren DeFilippo

Parent Teacher- (Canada) Directed by Roman Tchjen - Best Drama

Simon You Ass!- (France) Directed by Claire Barrault

Mai-(Spain) Directed by Marta Gonzalez

Legacy of War- (Canada) Directed by Gina Dineen