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Farewell Oak Street Grant McLeon, Canada
Parliament Street Clay Boris, Canada
Rose’s House
Clay Boris, Canada
Alligator Shoes
Clay Boris, Canada

Cabbagetown Paul de Silva, Canada
No Place Like Cabbagetown Isabelle Beaudoin, Canada
Fighting Back Craig Graham and Mark Zannis, Canada
You Call Me Coloured McNabb and Connolly, Canada
Memories Of You Winston Lau
Low Life John L’Ecuyer
Make Love L. Robinson
Race Of Couriers David Cassels

Caber Tag John Karolidis, Third prize
Looking Forward C. Grace Kary, Second prize
Two Worlds Doug Hamburgh, First prize

Farewell Oak Street Grant McLeon, Canada
Return To Regent Park Bay Weyman, Canada
Differences Pat Watson, Canada
Steppin To It Annemarie Morais
Shades of Gray Marni Bacharier
Anti Dog Swinging Video David Cassels
Velowe’en David Cassels
Free Radical Riders Mark McLean and Scott McLaren
Shalom, I Believe In Jesus Benjamin Wilchfort
Its A Greek Thing Peter Demas
Porter and Sabu Jacqueline McClintock

Playground Vincenzo Natali, Fifth Prize
Fleshold Karen Young, Fourth Prize
Thick Lips Thin Lips Paul Lee, Third Prize
Tessa Lori Lansens, Second Prize
He Ain’t Heavy Milan Cheylov, Second Prize
Metro Passed Craig Smeaton, First Prize

Blinds Sean Mahoney
Individual Illumination Untangles Zan Chandler
It Don’t Cost Nothin To Say Good Morning Ken Hotz and Spencer Rice
Farley Mowat Ate My Brother Ken Hegan, Canada
Walk It Like You Talk Aaron Berardi and D.J. Carson, Canada
Can’t Skate Aaron Berardi, Canada
Ennui Maryam Imani
The Bet A. Jekobson

The Secret Regent Park Drug Awareness Video Camp Special Jury Award, Canada
Flesh Laurel Goodings, Third prize
Scratch Ticket John Fawcett, Second prize
Signal Su Rynard, Tied for Grand prize
Greenstick Andrew Hayes, Tied for Grand prize

Dames Paula Kelly, Canada
Flying Fingers Rita DiGiovanni, Canada
Next Door Neighbours Dan Janos, USA
Creativity Is Tina Hahn, Canada
Pleciderous Daniel Westbrook, USA
Interior Plumbing Dan Collins, Canada
Le Lion et L’Agneau Luc Beauchamp, Canada
Yonge & Dundas Glenn Kay, Canada
Cuts Peeter Sepp and Margus Jukkum, Canada
Dike Lisa Hayes, Canada
Good Night Rick Palidwor, Canada

Lizard Whomper Tennessee Reid Norton, Sixth prize, USA
Favourite Things Rick Palidwor, Fifth prize, Canada
Ten Little Dumplings Larissa Fan, Fourth prize, Canada
Curtains Stephanie and Mark Morgenstern, Third prize, Canada
Ghetto Of Cool People Laura MacDonald, Second prize, Canada
Lacing On The Gloves Sylvia Pecota, Grand prize, Canada

Lovehound Neil and Cathy McInnes, Canada
Spin Joe Nunn, Canada
So-Lo Suzan Poyraz, Canada
The Bridge Istan Rozumny, Canada
Bruce Ruth Sergel, USA
Nomad Sarah Willinsky, Canada
Lucifer’s Leaf Julia Dimon, Canada
Barbie & Ken Go Parking Alicia Bissinger, USA
Grateful David Horton, Canada
The Front Seat Barbara Mainguy, Canada
The Truth Focus Media Arts Camp, Canada
Lark Rhapsody Lou Weinert, USA

Reaction Stick John May, Third prize, Canada
Overeasy S. Merlin Dervisevic, Second prize, Canada
Amy Susan Rivo, Grand prize, USA

Master Thespian Andrew Currie, Canada
Chicken Ya-Ling Lan, USA
Elevated Vincenzo Natali, Canada
Linear Dreams Richard Reeves, Canada
Oh Kanata Anthony Lim, Canada

Dust To Dust Jason DeParis, Honourable Mention Sci-Fi, Canada
How To Be More Chinese Jane Luk, Best Comedy, Canada
James O’Reilly In Parkdale Alex Pugsley, Best Documentary, Canada
Shift Shaun Cathcart, Best Film Over 20 Minutes, Canada
Mikman William Phillips, Third prize, Canada
Middle Sean Garrity, Second prize, Canada
Crack Doll House James Dunnison, Grand prize, Canada

Elimination Dance Bruce McDonald, Michael Oondaatje, Don McKellar, Canada
In My Car Mike Hoolboom
Bubble Gum Alley David Hakl, Zaffi Gousopoulos
The Best Day of My Life Sarah Polley, Canada
The Church of Cosmo-ToLoGy George Filtsos
Patton Pending Rick Palidwor, Canada
Ani Di Franco Does Laundry Liz Marshall
Full Moon In The Forest Elise Beauvais
The End Shawn McPherson
Sploosh Nathan Garfincel, Canada

6ix Brett Sullivan, Best Comedy
Salami Heaven Sue Riedl, Best Animation
Breakfast Alex Gomez, Fourth prize
Why I Hate Bees Sarah Abbott, Grand prize, Canada
LSD25 Walter Forsythe, Doug Karr, First prize

Untitled Harry Killas, Canada
Dreamscape Tory Falkenberg, Canada
Spoken Flesh Anthony Tenczar, USA
Rhythm In Oil Tom Care, Canada
Leonard And The Mountain Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer, USA
Kill The Clown Michael Calladine, Canada

Zero Minutes Remaining Paul Wensley, Best Comedy, Canada
237 Michael Dowse, Best Experimental Film, Canada
Trade Rupert Lazarus, Sarah Peat, Rebecca Ruddle, Third prize, Canada
Eyes David Ostry, Grand prize, Canada
Pendant Ce Temps Ghyslaine Cote, First prize, Canada

What Else Have You Got Harry Killas, Canada
Hacky Holidays Darryl Gold, Canada
Eulogy/Obverse Ryan Feldman, Canada
Angel Eyes Mark Bethune, Canada
La Table De Cuisine Mr. Voila, Canada
People’s Medium Ken Simpson, Canada
Wrap Donigan Cumming, Canada
Hyperemotional Riley Rempel, Canada

Colic Noel Harris, Honourable Mention, Canada
Germgirl Daniel Kash, Best Comedy, Canada
Animated Story Daniel De Santo, Best Documentary, Canada
Possibilities Rob Gray, Third prize, Canada
Organ Music James Dunnison, Second prize, Canada
Lincoln & 31st Damien Caldwell, Grand prize, USA
La Langue Frederic Gaudry, First prize, Canada

Cabbagetown Matt Sanderson, Canada
Today Madame Cesar Vayssie, France
Whoa Maurice A. Dwyer, USA
Sweet Elyse Couvillion, USA
Saving Human Lives Geoff Haas, USA
Walla Cyrus Sundar Singh, Canada
Type Five Dhead Thomas H. Korzenoiwski, Canada
Breaking Point Shane Abbess, Australia
Canadian In America: Pastry Puffs Paul Wensley, USA-Canada
Smokin F Holes Taffi Rosen, Canada

Cow Pierre-Hughes Dallaire, Honourable Mention, Canada
Pillowfight Scott Rice, Best Comedy, USA
L’Hotel Des Vies Pierre Yves Cruaud, Best Experimental Film, France
Postcards Of Belief Lesley Adams, Best Animation, UK
Ice Dream Dale Sheldrake, Most Promising New Director, Canada
Do Armed Robbers Have Love Affairs Brian Kirk, Third prize, UK
Bullet In The Brain David Von Ancken, Second prize, USA
Chicken Barry Digman, First prize, Ireland

Welcome To Cabbgetown Jonny Pearl, Canada
Breath/Respire Joshua Dorsey, Canada
Eating For Two Steve Smith, UK
Empathy Adam Larkum, UK
First To See The Sun Joe Tumner, UK
The Fastlane Rachel Moore, Canada
Theme From Chickboat Andrew Bee and The Sin Tones, Canada
Das Rad George Gruber, Germany
Wakeboard Brad Cowan, Canada
Chasing Chinese May Chew, Canada
Heart Ann Marie Flemming, Canada

A collection of shorts by Truthhorse (Best Comedy):
81.1 FM “The Gatt”
Brad Cowan, Canada
Joe Gurliarm Bryan Reid, Canada
Sled TV Ryan McCammon, Canada
Wildgliders Brad Cowan, Canada

Un Combat Christopher Wagner, Best Drama, Luxembourg
Tailor Made Mika Goodfriend, Best Documentary, Canada
Saskatchewan Brian Stockton, Third prize, Canada
Poorman’s Conversation Richie Memta, Second prize, Canada
Dad’s Dead Chris Shepherd, Grand prize, UK
How To Make Kimchi Samuel K. Lee, First prize, Canada

Table 13 Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais, Canada
Whose Rights, Anyway? Anice Wong, Canada
Garpenfargle Bill Kersey and Edward Kim, USA
We Are Winning, Don’t Forget Jean-Gabriel Periot, France
Scrabble Jay Duplass, USA
The Patient Marc Betsworth, Canada
Perils In Nude Modeling Scott Rice, USA
Straight Jacket Lottery Doug Kerr, Canada
Joey Nancy Montouri Stein, USA
Light Years Jenn Goodwin, Canada
Phases Of Our Lives Ron Reid Jr., Canada
Last Day On Earth Alan Bacchus, Canada
Branson: Musicland USA Peter Sillen, USA
Soldiers For The Street Ngardy Conteh, Canada
Tete A Tete Charles Johnston, Canada

Paper Route Benjamin Weinstein, Honourable Mention, Canada
Seventy Two Faced Liar Mark Waites, The Big Cabbage Award, UK
The Big Charade Jesse McKeown, Best Comedy, Canada
After Dolly Mick Elliott, Best Animation, Australia
Lynn & Harriet Linda Fitzpatrick, Best Documentary, Canada
Under The Rainbow Dean Blumberg, Grand prize, South Africa

Dance With Bulls Cosimo Zitani
New York Talk Michael Krivicka, USA
All The Teachers I Have Known Brian Stockton, Canada
Lucky Nash Egerton, Australia
Detail Kanwal Sethi, Germany
It’s Like That SLAG Southern Ladies, Australia
Wishful Thinking Adria Petty, USA
Dies Irae Jean-Gabriel Periot, France
Extreme Shopping Pascale Marcotte, Canada
Pen Pals Art Curry, Canada
The Man With Beautiful Eyes Jonathan Hodgson, UK
Skinning Liza Wong, Hong Kong
Dimmer Talmage Cooley, USA

Kata Practice Siu Ta, Honourable Mention, Canada
Backseat Bingo Liz Blazer, Third prize, USA
Youngster Will Canon, Second prize, USA
In The Morning Danielle Lurie, First prize, USA

Craving Christianne Hirt, Calgary
The Rhythm of Youth Brendon Foster-Algoo, Toronto
A Conversation with Lars Von Trier Eva Ziemsen, Toronto
Eat This! Shelaine Sparrow, Edmonton
Stopping In Cabbagetown Ralph Lucas, Toronto
The Consumers Have Voted Sophie Kahan & Adrian Law, Toronto
Warning Women Oksana Shatalova, Kazakhstan
Witches / Heart Of Sacrifice Oksana Shatalova, Kazakhstan
Water Rob Thompson, Toronto
3 Washes Yasmina Solanes, UK
For All The Marbles Kris Booth, Toronto

Polycotton And A Catholic Girl Henry Li, People's Choice, Toronto
All Out War (trailer) Robert Pilichowski, Special Jury Prize, Toronto
Rupture Guillame Paquin, Best Dance Film, Montreal
Everything's Falling Sandi Somers/Karen Hines, Best Performance, Toronto
The Chamber Seock Lyun Yu, Third Prize, South Korea
Richard Mick Elliot, Second Prize, Australia
Surly Squirrel Peter Lepenoitis, Grand Prize, Toronto

Codehunters Ben Hibon, Scotland
Color Scratch Cheng Chi-Shing, Philip Lee, Hong Kong
Harbour Viewing Marc St. Aubin, Toronto
(Hate) Machine Phil Caron, Ottawa
Imagine This John Callaghan, Ireland
Mondo Condo Sarah Lazarovic, Toronto
The Way of Hope Julien Dykmans, Belgium
The Storm Meesoo Lee, Vancouver
Universal Movement Machine Kirby Hammond, Winnipeg
Urn Urn Jervis Suen, Hong Kong

Binding Borders Tiffany Hsiung, Best Film With A Community Focus & People's Choice, Toronto
For the Price of a Cup of Coffee Hypatia Porter, Best Film With An Environmental Focus, San Francisco
My Olympic Summer Daniel Robin, Grand Prize, San Francisco
My Father's an Actor Sara McIntyre, Best Actor to AndrewJackson, Vancouver
Parting the Whiskers Daniel Harbridge, Best Documentary, Toronto
I Want Love Edouard Salier, Best Music, France
Voicemail Danceparty Kaite McVey, Honorable Mention, Toronto

How To Pick Up Girls Dan Gitsham, England
Fish & Loaf Bruce Claydon, Winnipeg
Vadata Manuel Lebelt, Germany
Ok, Now What Jeffery Cameron Bruyere, Winnipeg
Dave Foley & Fans Brian Smith, Toronto
Automoto Neil & Cathy McInnes, Winnipeg
The Lost Generation Hossein Jehani / Tania Raouf, Iraq
Indian Darryl Nepinak, Winnipeg
He Said Suzi Ewing / Rory Fry, London
Deceitful Ones Paul Wensley, Toronto
War & Geese Evan Wakelin / Erin Kys & Edwin Janzen, Virgil

Atomic Winter Mahammad Moayeri, Best Director, Tehran
E Finita La Commedia Anthony Rey / Jean-Julien Colette & Olivier Tollet, Best Screenplay, Brussels
I Dream of Driftwood Matthew Rankin, Best Experimental, Winnipeg
A Letter To Colleen
Carolyn and Andy London, Best Animation, New York
Sigh Ben Steiger Levine and Joe Cobden / Sacha Baylin-Stern, Best Musical and People's Choice, Montreal
Bikeman Regent Park Focus, Best Community Film, Toronto

Iran A Nation of Bloggers: Aaron Chiesa, Vancouver Film School
DIX: Bif, France
37-80-21-84-34: Alfonso Batalla, Canada
All This Way: r.d.p., Canada
Mashdi's Misfortune: Shahram Mirab Aghdam, Iran
Pim Pam Pum: Andoni de Carlos / Aster Urbieta, Spain
The Masculine Mystique: Aaron Craven, Canada
Watchmaker: Christopher Ball, Canada
Crystal: Jason Lapeyre, Canada

Time Kwan Ho Tse, Tim Horton's Award for Best Community Film
Ways on Wheels Ken Galloway, BTM Multimedia Award for Best Documentary (tied)
Loonie Michelle Nolden, HomeLife Realty One Award for Best Actor (Allegra Fulton)
Muriel d'Ansembourg,CIBC Award for Best Short Film
El Empleo Patricio Plaza & Santiago Grasso, Home Hardware Award for Best Animation and People's Choice Award
Luke's Kitchen Adam Bentley, Luciano's No Frills Award for Best Documentary (tied)
My Mom Has a Long Shadow Kareh Ghahremany, Shopper's Drugmart Award for Best Screenplay

Sunday Morning Shinny and the Margaret Philp Cup: Kathleen Doody, Toronto. Winner: Tim Hortons Best Community Film Prize
Happiness Is Hate Therapy: Brett Blackwell, Toronto
Topeka: Asier Altuna, Spain. Winner: Best Comedy Award sponsored by Star Nails
Sintonia: Jose Mari Goenaga, Spain Winner: People's Choice Award sponsored by CIBC
Deadly Wave: Christian Ender, Germany
Day Before Yesterday: Sarah Beckett, Montreal
The Colombo Plan: Recipe for a Canadian Novel: Kristin Somborac, Nick Fairhead, Toronto
Really Nice Guy: John L'Ecuyer. Winner Best Music Video sponsored by Home Hardware
Muttonbuster! Bruce Claydon, Winnipeg
A Fable About Beauty: Kyle Bornais, Chris Charney, Winnipeg
Jean-Francois: Tom Haugonat, Bruno Nangyoku, France.
Winner: Best Animation Award sponsored by Shoppers Drugmart
7:35 de la Manana:,Naco Vigalondo, Spain. Winner: Best Director Award sponsored by BT Multimedia
Revolving Doors
: Kristin Korns, Vancouver. Winner: Best Documentary sponsored by HomeLife Realty One
Recipe: Martha Griffith,Toronto
Bombastic Mind: Simon Le Boggit,England
Porque Hay Cosa Que Nunca Se Olividan: Lucas Figueroa, Spain
Civilization: Claude Duty, France.


2011 still

2011 still

2011 still


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Tempus Destruit: Blaz Erzetic/ Slovenia
52: Josh Levy / Canada
The Renter: Jason Carpenter / USA
Winner: Shoppers Drug Mart Award - Best Animation
Next Floor: Denis Villeneuve / Canada
My Tired Father: Maya Vitkova /Bulgaria
Winner: Tim Hortons Award - Grand Prize
Souterrain: Erwin Haecker/ Germany
Winner: CIBC Award - Best Drama
Odysseus Gambit: Alex Lora / USA
The Tannery: Iain Gardner / UK
Anirniq: RJ Sauer / Canada
Mulvar is Correct Candidate!: Patrick Desilets / Canada
Winner: Star Nails Award - Best Comedy
Life and Death of Yul Brynner: Jean.Marc E.Roy& Phillipe David Gagne / Canada
Winner: BTM Award - Honorable Mention
Demur: Jason O'Hara / Canada
Winner: People's Choice Award
La Gran Carrera: Kote Camacho / Spain
Winner: HomeLife Reality One Award - Best Experimental
Tasnim: Elite Zexer Givatyim / Israel
The Charcoal Burners: Piotr Zlotorowicz / Poland
Winner: Home Hardware Award - Best Documentary
Un Novio de Mierda: Borja Cobeaga / Spain


2012 still

2012 still

2012 still


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Luminaris: Juan Pablo Zaramella / Argentina
Winner: Best Animation, sponsored by Star Nails
The Whale Story: Tess Martin / USA
Unravel: Meghna Gupta / UK
Winner: Gand Prize sponsored by Tim Hortons and People's Choice Award
Waterloo: Jean-Marc Roy / Chicoutimi, Canada
What If Famous People Weren't Famous: Prince: Dick Blasucci / USA
Gum: Noam Sussman / Thornhill, Canada
Conto Do Vento: Claudio Jordão & Nelson Martins / Portugal
From Dad To Son: Nils Knoblich / Germany
3 x 3: Nuno Rocha / Portugal
Lunch Date: Sasha Collington / UK
Jury Prize Honourable Mention sponsored by BTM Multimedia
Ne Pas Reculer: Dominique Laurence / Trois Rivières, Canada
Winner: Honorable Mention sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart
Hellion: Kat Candler / USA
La Media Pena: Sergio Barrejon / Spain
Winner: Best Dramatic Comedy sponsored by HomeLife Realty One
Long Distance Information: Douglas Hart / UK
Winner: Best Drama sponsored by Royal Home Hardware
Step Right Up: Benjamin Bee / UK
Ella: Dan Gitsham / UK
Winner: Best Dramatic Suspense Fllm sponsored by CIBC


2013 still

2013 still

2013 still


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Jacqueline Ultimatum: Patrick Aubert / Canada
Winner: Best Comedy Award sponsored Home Life Realty One
Voice Over: Martin Rosete / Spain
Mi Ojo Derecho: Josecho de Linares / Spain
I'll Be Waiting Outside: Fanny Pascual / Canada
Winner: Best Director Award sponsored by Tim Hortons
Vicky & Sam: Nino Rocha / Portugal
Tengri: Alisi Telengu / Canada
Slow Win: William Allinson / Canada
Long Branch: Dane Clark & Linsey Stewart / Canada
Winner: People's Choice Award sponsored by the Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival
Best Screenplay sponsored by Royal Home Hardware
Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution:Matthew van Dyke / USA/Syria
Winner: Best Documentary sponsored by CIBC
TEAMwork: Tor Aunet / Canada
Life Doesn't Frighten Me: Stephen Dunn / Canada
Winner: Best Performance: Gordon Pinsent sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart
A Thought For Robert: Kevin Landry / Canada


2014 still

2014 still

2014 still


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One Night in Florida: Tess Martin/ USA
You Won't Regret That Tattoo: Angie Bird/ Canada
Un Lugar Mejor: Moises Romera & Marisa Crespo/ Spain
Honorable Mention
Firecrackers: Jasmin Mozaffari/ Canada
Best Canadian Film
Above The Limit: William Mackenzi/ Canada
Seasick: Eva Cijanovic/ Canada
A Mile in These Hooves: James Brylowski/ Canada
Best Comedy; The People's Choice
Will The Real Dave Barber Please Stand Up?:Dave Barber/ Canada
Godka Cirka, A Hole in the Sky:Alex Lora & Antonio Tibalidi/ Catalunya/ Spain
Best Foreign Film
Flotsam & Jetsam: Jan Bednarz/ UK/ Bahamas
Grounded: Alexis Michalik/ France
Grand Prize
Sumsing: Martin Rahmlow & Tim Liebe/ Germany
Generalka(The Clean Up): Jasna Nanut/ Croatia
Mano a Mano: Ignacio Tatay/ Spain

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2015 Lineup
Festival History
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