Dames Paula Kelly, Canada

Flying Fingers Rita DiGiovanni, Canada

Next Door Neighbours Dan Janos, USA

Creativity Is Tina Hahn, Canada

Pleciderous Daniel Westbrook, USA

Interior Plumbing Dan Collins, Canada

Le Lion et L’Agneau Luc Beauchamp, Canada

Yonge & Dundas Glenn Kay, Canada

Cuts Peeter Sepp and Margus Jukkum, Canada

Dike Lisa Hayes, Canada

Good Night Rick Palidwor, Canada

Lizard Whomper Tennessee Reid Norton, Sixth prize, USA

Favourite Things Rick Palidwor, Fifth prize, Canada

Ten Little Dumplings Larissa Fan, Fourth prize, Canada

Curtains Stephanie and Mark Morgenstern, Third prize, Canada

Ghetto Of Cool People Laura MacDonald, Second prize, Canada

Lacing On The Gloves Sylvia Pecota, Grand prize, Canada



Lovehound Neil and Cathy McInnes, Canada

Spin Joe Nunn, Canada

So-Lo Suzan Poyraz, Canada

The Bridge Istan Rozumny, Canada

Bruce Ruth Sergel, USA

Nomad Sarah Willinsky, Canada

Lucifer’s Leaf Julia Dimon, Canada

Barbie & Ken Go Parking Alicia Bissinger, USA

Grateful David Horton, Canada

The Front Seat Barbara Mainguy, Canada

The Truth Focus Media Arts Camp, Canada

Lark Rhapsody Lou Weinert, USA

Reaction Stick John May, Third prize, Canada

Overeasy S. Merlin Dervisevic, Second prize, Canada

Amy Susan Rivo, Grand prize, USA



Master Thespian Andrew Currie, Canada

Chicken Ya-Ling Lan, USA

Elevated Vincenzo Natali, Canada

Linear Dreams Richard Reeves, Canada

Oh Kanata Anthony Lim, Canada

Dust To Dust Jason DeParis, Honourable Mention Sci-Fi, Canada

How To Be More Chinese Jane Luk, Best Comedy, Canada

James O’Reilly In Parkdale Alex Pugsley, Best Documentary, Canada

Shift Shaun Cathcart, Best Film Over 20 Minutes, Canada

Mikman William Phillips, Third prize, Canada

Middle Sean Garrity, Second prize, Canada

Crack Doll House James Dunnison, Grand prize, Canada



Elimination Dance Bruce McDonald, Michael Oondaatje, Don McKellar, Canada

In My Car Mike Hoolboom

Bubble Gum Alley David Hakl, Zaffi Gousopoulos

The Best Day of My Life Sarah Polley, Canada

The Church of Cosmo-ToLoGy George Filtsos

Patton Pending Rick Palidwor, Canada

Ani Di Franco Does Laundry Liz Marshall

Full Moon In The Forest Elise Beauvais

The End Shawn McPherson

Sploosh Nathan Garfincel, Canada

6ix Brett Sullivan, Best Comedy

Salami Heaven Sue Riedl, Best Animation

Breakfast Alex Gomez, Fourth prize

Why I Hate Bees Sarah Abbott, Grand prize, Canada

LSD25 Walter Forsythe, Doug Karr, First prize



Untitled Harry Killas, Canada

Dreamscape Tory Falkenberg, Canada

Spoken Flesh Anthony Tenczar, USA

Rhythm In Oil Tom Care, Canada

Leonard And The Mountain Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer, USA

Kill The Clown Michael Calladine, Canada

Zero Minutes Remaining Paul Wensley, Best Comedy, Canada

237 Michael Dowse, Best Experimental Film, Canada

Trade Rupert Lazarus, Sarah Peat, Rebecca Ruddle, Third prize, Canada

Eyes David Ostry, Grand prize, Canada

Pendant Ce Temps Ghyslaine Cote, First prize, Canada