Surly Squirrel: Peter Lepenoitis/ Canada - Grand Prize
Richard: Mick Elliot / Australia -  Second Prize
The Chamber: Seock Lyun Yu / South Korea - Third Prize 
All Out War (trailer) Robert Pilichowski / Canada - Special Jury Prize
Rupture: Guillame Paquin / Canada  - Best Dance Film
Everything's Falling: Sandi Somers, Karen Hines / Canada - Best Performance
Polycotton And A Catholic Girl: Henry Li / Canada- People's Choice
Craving: Christianne Hirt / Canada
The Rhythm of Youth: Brendon Foster-Algoo/ Canada
A Conversation with Lars Von Trier: Eva Ziemsen,/ Canada
Eat This! Shelaine Sparrow / Canada
Stopping In Cabbagetown: Ralph Lucas / Canada
The Consumers Have Voted: Sophie Kahan & Adrian Law / Canada
Warning Women: Oksana Shatalova / Kazakhstan
Witches / Heart Of Sacrifice: Oksana Shatalova / Kazakhstan
Water: Rob Thompson / Canada
3 Washes:  Yasmina Solanes / UK
For All The Marbles:  Kris Booth / Canada


My Olympic Summer: Daniel Robin/USA - Grand Prize
Binding Borders: Tiffany Hsiung/ Canada - Best Film with a Community Focus, People's Choice
For the Price of a Cup of Coffee:
Hypatia Porter/ USA - Best Film with an Environmental Focus
My Father's An Actor:
Sara McIntyre/Canada - Best Actor: Andrew Jackson
Parting the Whiskers:
Daniel Harbridge/ Canada - Best Documentary
I Want Love:
Edouard Salier/ France - Best Music Video
Voicemail Danceparty:
Kaite McVey/ Canada - Honorable Mention
Ben Hibon/ Scotland
Colour Scratch: Cheng Chi-Shing, Philip Lee/ Hong Kong
Harbour Viewing: Marc St. Aubiin/ Canada
(Hate) Machine: Phil Caron/Canada
Imagine This: John Callaghan/ Irland
Mondo Condo: Sarah Lazarovic/ Canada
The Way of Hope: Julien Dykmans/ Belgium
The Storm: Meesoo Lee/ Canada
Universal Movement Machine: Kirby Hammond/ Canada
Urn Urn: Jervis Suen/ Hong Kong


Atomic Winter: Mahammad Moayeri/ Iran - Best Director
E Finita La Commedia:
Anthony Rey, Jean-Julien Colette & Oliver Tollet/Belgium Best Screenplay
I Dream Driftwood: Matthew Rankin/ Canada - Best Experimental
A Letter to Colleen:  
Carolyn and Andy London/ USA - Best Animation
Ben Steiger Levine, Joe Cobden, Sasha Baylin-Stern/Canada -Best Musical & People's Choice
Regent Park Focus/Canada - Best Community Film
How to Pick Up Girls:
Dan Gitsham/ UK
Fish & Loaf: Bruce Claydon/ Canada
Vadata: Manuel Lebelt/ Germany
Ok, Now What: Jeffery cameron Bruyere/ Canada
Dave Foley & Fans: Brian Smith/ Canada
Automoto: Neil & Cathy McInnes/ Canada
The Lost Generation: Hossein Jehani, Tania Raouf/ Iraq
Indian: Darryl Nepinak/ Canada
He Said:  Suzi Ewing, Rory Fry/ UK
Deceitful Ones: Paul Wensley/ Canada
War & Geese: Evan Wakelin, Erin Kys & Edwin Janzen/ Canada


Iran a Nation of Bloggers:  Aaron Chiesa/ Canada
DIX: Bif/ France
37-80-21-84-34: Alfonso Batalla/ Canada
All This Way:  r.d.p./ Canada
Mashdi's Misfortune: Shahram Mirab Aghdam/ Iran
Pim Pam Pum: Andoni de Carlos, Aster Urbieta/ Spain
The Masculine Mystique: Aaron Craven/ Canada
Watchmaker: Christopher Ball/ Canada
Crystal: Jason Lapeyre/ Canada
Time: Kwan Ho Tse/ Canada- Best Community Film
Ways on Wheels: Ken Galloway/ Canada - Best Documentary (tied)
Loonie: Michelle Nolden/ Canada - Best Actor ( Allegra Fulton)
Play: Muriel d'Asembourg - Grand Prize
El Empleo: Patricio Plaza & Santiago Grasso/ Argentina - Best Animation & People's Choice
Lke's Kitchen: Adam Bentley/ Canada - Best Documentary (tied)
My Mom Has A Long Shadow: Kareh Ghahremany/ Iran - Best Screenplay


Sunday Morning Shinny & the Margaret Philip Cup:Kathleen Doody/ Canada-Best Community Film
Happiness is Hate Therapy: Brett Blackwell/ Canada
Topeka: Asier Altuna/ Spain - Best Comedy
Sintonia: Jose Mari Goenaga? Spain - People's Choice
Deadly Wave: Christian Ender/ Germany
Day Before Yesterday: Sarah Beckett/ Canada
The Colombo Plan: Recipe for a Canadian Novel:Kristin Somborac, Nick Fairhead/Canada
Really Nice Guy: John L'Ecuyer/Canada - Best Music Video
Muttonbuster!:Bruce Claydon/ Canada
A Fable About Beauty: Kyle Bonais, Chris Charney/ Canada
Jean-Francois: Tom Haugonat, Bruno Nangyok/ France - Best Animation
7:35 de la Manana: Naco Vigolondo/ Spain- Best Director
Revolving Doors: Kristin Korns/ Canada - Best Documentary
Recipe: Martha Griffith/ Canada
Bombastic Mind: Simon Le Boggit/ UK
Porque Hay Cosa Que Nunca Se Olividan: Lucas Figueroa/ Spain
Civilization: Claude Duty/ France