In The Morning : Danielle Lurie / USA - First Prize
Youngster: Will Canon / USA - Second Prize
Backseat Bingo: Liz Blazer / USA - Third Prize
Kata Practice: Siu Ta/ Canada -  Honourable Mention
Dance With Bulls: Cosimo Zitani / Canada
New York Talk: Michael Krivicka / USA
All The Teachers I Have Known: Brian Stockton / Canada
Lucky: Nash Egerton / Australia
Detail : Kanwal Seth ,/Germany
It’s Like That: SLAG Southern Ladies / Australia
Wishful Thinking: Adria Petty / USA
Dies Irae: Jean-Gabriel Periot / France
Extreme Shopping: Pascale Marcotte / Canada
Pen Pals: Art Curry / Canada
The Man With Beautiful Eyes: Jonathan Hodgson / UK
Skinning :Liza Wong / Hong Kong
Dimmer:Talmage Cooley / USA


Table 13: Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais / Canada
Whose Rights, Anyway? Anice Wong / Canada
Garpenfargle: Bill Kersey and Edward Kim / USA
We Are Winning, Don’t Forget: Jean-Gabriel Periot, / France
Scrabble: Jay Duplass  / USA
The Patient: Marc Betsworth / Canada
Perils In Nude Modeling: Scott Rice / USA
Straight Jacket Lottery: Doug Kerr / Canada
Joey: Nancy Montouri Stein / USA
Light Years: Jenn Goodwin /  Canada
Phases Of Our Lives: Ron Reid Jr./  Canada
Last Day On Earth: Alan Bacchus / Canada
Branson: Musicland USA : Peter Sillen/ USA
Soldiers For The Street : Ngardy Conteh / Canada
Tete A Tete: Charles Johnston/ Canada
Paper Route: Benjamin Weinstein/ Canada - Honourable Mention
Seventy Two Faced Liar: Mark Waites / UK - The Big Cabbage Award
The Big Charade: Jesse McKeown / Canada - Best Comedy
After Dolly Mick Elliott / Australia - Best Animation
Lynn & Harriet: Linda Fitzpatrick / Canada - Best Documentary
Under The Rainbow : Dean Blumberg, Grand prize, South Africa


Welcome To Cabbgetown: Jonny Pearl  /Canada
Breath/Respire: Joshua Dorsey / Canada
Eating For Two: Steve Smith /  UK
Empathy: Adam Larkum /  UK
First To See The Sun: Joe Tumner / UK
The Fastlane: Rachel Moore /  Canada
Theme From Chickboat: Andrew Bee and The Sin Tones / Canada
Das Rad: George Gruber / Germany
Wakeboard : Brad Cowan / Canada
Chasing Chinese: May Chew /Canada
Heart: Ann Marie Flemming / Canada
A collection of shorts by Truthhorse -  (Best Comedy):
81.1 FM “The Gatt” Brad Cowan, Canada
Joe Gurliarm Bryan Reid, Canada
Sled TV Ryan McCammon, Canada
Wildgliders Brad Cowan, Canada
Un Combat Christopher Wagner / Luxembourg - Best Drama
Tailor Made Mika Goodfriend , Canada - Best Documentary
Saskatchewan Brian Stockton / Canada -Third prize
Poorman’s Conversation Richie Memta / Canada - Second prize
Dad’s Dead Chris Shepherd / UK - Grand prize
How To Make Kimchi Samuel K. Lee / Canada - First prize


Cabbagetown: Matt Sanderson / Canada
Today Madame: Cesar Vayssie / France
Whoa: Maurice A. Dwyer/ USA
Sweet: Elyse Couvillion / USA
Saving Human Lives: Geoff Haas / USA
Walla: Cyrus Sundar Singh / Canada
Type Five Dhead: Thomas H. Korzenoiwski /  Canada
Breaking Point: Shane Abbess / Australia
Canadian In America: Pastry Puffs: Paul Wensley / USA-Canada
Smokin F Holes: Taffi Rosen /  Canada
Cow: Pierre-Hughes Dallaire / Canada - Honourable Mention
Pillowfight: Scott Rice / USA - Best Comedy
L’Hotel Des Vies: Pierre Yves Cruaud / France - Best Experimental Film
Postcards Of Belief: Lesley Adams / UK - Best Animation
Ice Dream: Dale Sheldrake / Canada - Most Promising New Director
Do Armed Robbers Have Love Affairs:  Brian Kirk /UK - Third prize
Bullet In The Brain: David Von Ancken / USA - Second prize
Chicken: Barry Digman/ Ireland -  First prize


What Else Have You Got :Harry Killas / Canada

Hacky Holidays: Darryl Gold / Canada

Eulogy/Obverse: Ryan Feldman /Canada

Angel Eyes :Mark Bethune / Canada

La Table De Cuisine: Mr. Voila / Canada

People’s Medium: Ken Simpson / Canada

Wrap: Donigan Cumming / Canada

Hyperemotional: Riley Rempel / Canada

Colic: Noel Harris / Canada - Honourable Mention

Germgirl : Daniel Kash / Canada - Best Comedy

Animated Story: Daniel De Santo / Canada - Best Documentary

Possibilities: Rob Gray / Canada - Third prize

Organ Music: James Dunnison / Canada - Second prize

Lincoln & 31st: Damien Caldwell / USA - Grand prize

La Langue: Frederic Gaudry / Canada -  First prize